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Business Computer Systems

Business Computer Systems

At ABC Networking we deal solely as a business to business supplier of computer systems and telecoms.  We specialise in developing business computer systems for our clients that fulfil their requirements, add value and typically reduce running costs.  Our primary technology focus is with Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, DrayTek, Symantec and VMware. We invest a lot of time to understand our clients’ requirements before designing strategic solutions that are formulated to give maximum return on the investment.  Our primary goal is to work with your business in a long term partnership and we do that by providing a great, cost effective service.



Computer systems and telecoms go hand in hand more now than ever before.  At ABC Networking we install and configure iPECS phone systems that are ideal for small to medium sized businesses.  These feature-rich phone systems can also integrate with your in-house IT allowing you get even more out of your IT investment, allowing staff to work more flexibly whilst moving around the office or even further. iPECS helps you to save money and lower costs. It employs a fully distributed modular architecture and has single voice/data infrastructure which significantly reduce the costs of managing your communication solution. ABC are bringing together voice, messaging, video, and mobile and desktop applications to enable companies to increase productivity, improve their competitive advantage, and deliver a rich media experience across any workspace.  



Cloud computing is here and what’s more it is a great way to reduce your ongoing IT costs.  Traditionally IT costs have been capital expenditure, large lumps of money being spent every 3 – 5 years to upgrade aging systems.  With Cloud computing you switch to operation expenditure by renting the IT you need on a pay as you go basis.  This approach also allows businesses to control costs because if you temporarily need more staff you can rent more cloud services but when you scale back, your costs do to!  See our cloud website www.theoutsourcecloud.co.uk

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster recovery

Every company uses IT in one form or another and data has become the life blood of organisations.  Without access to their data a business would suffer and die so it is imperative to have a way to protect your business data so that in the event of a disaster your business can recover.  In the event of a disaster your clients, whilst sympathetic to your predicament, will want to ensure their businesses are not affected and so will look elsewhere if you can’t get back on your feet quickly, this is where ABC Networking can help, offering low cost, robust and fully comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions ensuring you are only impacted for minutes, not permanently.